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14-16 days: zero time to Private Pilot
Includes Flight Instruction, Ground Instruction, Aircraft, Redbird Full Motion Simulator

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Part 141 Approved

Accelerated 14 Day Private Pilot Course $10,995

Ten times faster and 40% less expensive than "traditional" courses that require 65-75 hours of training!

What to expect:
* FAA Approved training under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations
* Expect professional training at a cost unheard of in the industry
* Expect to follow a professional, proven syllabus
* Expect to fly with professional instructors (NOT time builders)
* Expect results!

* All flight, ground and pre/post flight instruction.
* All Training Aircraft
* All Redbird full-motion simulator training
* Cessna Pilot Center Private Pilot Kit



Serious questions for any flight school:

*Are your courses approved by the FAA under Part 141? If not, why not?
*Are your courses approved by the Veterans Administration?
*Are you a flight school on an airport or are you merely a broker?
Cessna 172SP Skyhawk
Diamond Star DA40


Redbird FMX Simulator