Frequently Asked Questions



Exactly what is "Accelerated Flight Training"?

Accelerated Flight Training is a highly organized, professional, structured flight training program that immerses the student in the aviation environment. It combines in-flight instruction, simulator instruction and ground instruction in the most efficient manner. This method is used by the military and the airlines to produce safe, knowledgeable and proficient pilots -- and it does it in the least amount of time.

Are you a flight school or a training broker?

We are a flight school approved by the FAA under Part 141 and the VA for advanced training. We have a brick and mortar fight school, we own airplanes and our instructors are on salary. We are NOT brokers who farm out your training to instructors around the country. Why pay a broker a commission over and above the actual cost of your training?

How does that relate to cost?

Accelerated students finish a Private Pilot course in 40-50 hours. Conventional students take upwards of 80 hours to complete. The difference in training and aircraft costs is about $6,000!

What makes you different from others?

Lots of things. For example:
* We are pilots.  And, we're located on an airport with our own airplanes, instructors and classrooms.
* We are not "training brokers" equipped only with a home office and a coffee pot.
* Brokers must charge you the entire cost of training plus a commission for themselves. This commission sometimes amounts to $300 per day and more. Why pay more than your training cost?
* We've been in the training business longer than some of our students have been alive!
* We have a one-on-one relationship with FAA Examiners, airport management and our FSDO.
* We have the best of two worlds: the intensity of the D/FW Class B airspace and rural, out of the way training areas.

Do you use simulators?

Yes. We use simulators with cockpit presentations that match the aircraft you're flying. (A "generic" simulator or "desk top PC" would be much less productive.)
As an added feature, you will be able to use your iPad in the simulator just as you would in an airplane! It can connect to any Location Services ap such as ForeFlight, JeppView, Reader Plates and more.

Can simulator training be used toward FAA certificates and ratings?

Yes. For example, the FAA requires forty hours of flight training to earn an instrument rating. Our full motion enclosed simulators can be used for 50%, or twenty hours of that requirement. The money you save using our simulators is significant.

Do I need a medical?

The FAA requires a third class pilot medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) prior to flying solo. (If you're under 40 years old, the medical is good for five years.)

When do your courses start?

All training is conducted on a one-on-one basis, so starting dates are based on your availability and our schedule.

How long are your courses?

Check the individual courses from the menu on the top of the page. All courses are comprehensive, integrated ground and flight training programs. Expect to work hard -- and expect great results!

What qualifications will my instructor have?

All of our instructors are fully certified FAA flight instructors. Our instructors are not "looking for a job with the airlines" or "waiting to fly corporate" or "almost qualified to fly freight". We have only dedicated flight instructors who love flying. Your progress and training you to become a safe, professional pilot is their primary concern. For them, flight instruction is not a stepping stone to another job. (Interesting comment from an FAA examiner: "Your instrument instructors train more pilots in a year than most CFIIs (instrument flight instructors) do in a lifetime!")

How many students does each flight instructor have?

One or two. You will have a Primary Instructor. From time to time, you will also fly with the Chief Instructor or a check pilot to evaluate your training. Your instructor's time and effort each day is spent to make you a safe, professional pilot. Switching instructors every few days is just not productive. You would spend time while the new instructor tries to figure out where to start his training.

Can I use my personal airplane for training?

Yes. As long as your airplane is airworthy it can be used for training. Our instructors are familiar with most makes and models. We even have CSIPs on staff.

How much does it cost?

Most training courses are $495 per day plus airplane costs. We'll discuss exact pricing with you before you begin training.
* Click here for our Pricing page.

Can you provide financing?

Yes. We are affiliated with one of the leading Pilot Finance companies. Please call for details.

When can I start?

Whenever you are ready! We ask you give us as much lead time as possible, but we work with our clients' schedules.

Can your courses be broken up into shorter segments?

Yes; however, you will lose some proficiency while you are not immersed in training, and will probably not finish in the time allotted for accelerated students. This will result in additional costs.

Are hotels available nearby?

Addison is an excellent North Dallas location!
We can book you into a major name-brand hotel for only $59 per night including a hot breakfast or a residential suite for $279 per week!
* And, Addison is the restaurant capital of Texas: 177 restaurants within a five mile radius.

I already have some experience. Can you provide "finish up" courses?

Yes. We have had many students who started elsewhere and didn't finish for any number of reasons. We can give you a good estimate of the time required over the phone.

I am not a US citizen. Can you help?

Certainly. We have had many non-citizens in our program. Contact us for the procedures.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A $1,000 deposit guarantees your schedule and training dates. Ten days before your training begins, we will charge your credit card for the balance.