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$59,995 INCLUDES
Private Pilot
Instrument Rating
Commercial Single Engine Rating
Commercial Multi Engine Rating
Flight Instructor Rating
Instrument Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Employment Upon Graduation

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Accelerated Professional Pilot/Flight Instructor Course

Our sixteen week Professional Pilot course takes you through Private, Instrument, Commercial Single and Multi engine plus Flight Instructor and Instrument Flight Instructor ratings using methods developed by the airlines and the military.

Since we utilize the Gleim FAA Approved curriculum, you can expect advanced scenarios and real world training in a high density environment. You can expect state of the art equipment. You can expect your instructor to immerse you in the instrument environment, and sharpen your skills far beyond just "passing the practical test".

What's different?
* FAA approved training under Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations
* VA approved (except for Private Pilot rating)
* A fixed price in a predictable time frame!
* We look for proficiency, not hours!
* Learn in the simulator - perform in the airplane!
* REAL Commercial/Instrument training in the Dallas/Fort Worth Class B airspace!

* All flight and ground instruction
* All training aircraft (Or use your own airplane)
* All Redbird Full-Motion simulator training
* Cessna Pilot Center Commercial Pilot Kit


Prerequisite: 2nd Class FAA Medical
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Traditional six pack cockpit

Redbird FMX Flight Simulator

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